Strategic framework for stakeholder mapping

“Stakeholder Mapping to Co-Create Nature-Based Solutions: Who Is on Board?” is published in the journal Sustainability. A strategic framework to achieve higher implementation efficiency is presented.

Summer School Webinar 2020 has started

The moderators Dr. Aude Zingraff-Hamed, Dr. Gerd Lupp and Martina van Lierop warmly welcomed the twenty participants from around the world to the PHUSICOS Webinar on 7th September.

PHUSICOS webinar, 7 – 16 September 2020

Focus will be on learning about Nature Based Solutions in mountain areas. The training program will consist of inspirational discussions, independent project work on case sites, and virtual lectures.

Catalysing policy innovation for NBS

There is poor application of NBS policies in the disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation sectors. What changes are needed to help catalyse policy adoption and innovation for NBS?

Award for Master’s thesis

Awarded! Team TUM shares honour & happiness with Laureate Dayana Ramirez Gutierrez for receiving the SRM AWARD 2019 for her Master’s thesis on Stakeholder Knowledge Mapping.

Governance Innovation reports

IIASA and University of Geneva researchers described and compared the institutional, legal, social and economic drivers of three cases of nature-based solutions.